About the Project

Wages for Art(work) is an experimental art project in which participants are compensated for creative time. The project was created by Quinlan Maggio, an artist and tech worker based in Brooklyn, NY. Wages for Art(work) is primarily virtual, with the coworking sessions scheduled online and an archive of participant’s photos living on this website. The project launched on June 16th, 2023, and will run for one year.

How to participate
Participating in Wages for Art(work) is a simple process:

1. Sign up for a session here
2. Spend your designated hour in whatever creative way you choose
3. Snap a photo, video, or other form of documentation at the end of your session and upload it to the follow-up email
4. Receive payment

Who can participate
Wages for Art(work) is open to anyone who wants to participate. Participants are generally compensated at the rate of $25/hour, half of the artist’s hourly wage. Participants from a marginalized group (self-identified) are eligible for an additional $25/hour upon completion of the session.

Click here to see the artist’s working schedule
and here to participate in the project.