What can I expect when participating in my first Wages for Art(work) coworking session?A Wages for Art(work) session is a completely virtual, self-guided co-working experience. You are invited to use this session in whatever way is creatively generative for you. Some suggestions include (but are not limited to) drawing, painting, sculpting, dancing, cooking, making music, sleeping, walking, calling a friend, writing a letter, meditating, reading, doing nothing, etc. The way you use your creative time will not be tracked or monitored, and all forms of creative time will be compensated. Please keep in mind that you will be asked to upload a snapshot of your creative time after the session, and you may optionally leave written feedback as well.

Is there a Zoom meeting or livestream for my co-working session?
No, there is no virtual meeting or livestream for you to join. The artist will be co-working at their day job during the time of the session, and often has conflicting work meetings during the workday.

Are there any requirements for the documentation of my session?
No, there are no requirements for the photo / video / other documentation of your creative time, nor are you required to appear in documentation yourself. Feel free to send a screenshot, blurry photo, voice memo, or whatever form you are comfortable with.

How and when will I get paid?
You should receive a PayPal link within 24 hours of submitting the session feedback form. Please send an email to wagesforart@gmail.com if you have not received payment or the feedback form within 24 hours of your session.

Can I book another session in the future?
Yes! Continued participation in the project is highly encouraged. However, please limit your bookings to once per week to allow for plenty of people to participate. Subscribe to the newsletter on the homepage of this website for a biweekly drop of the artist’s coworking schedule.

Who should I contact for additional questions or concerns?
Please reach out to Quinlan at wagesforart@gmail.com